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Ministries is another word for the work we do as a community. Our goal is to take the love that we receive from God and share it.  We have a variety of ministry groups based on affinity, so get to know them

and drop in when you feel ready.

Kid's Club
Youth Ministry: 6th - 10th Grade

The Vault Youth group meets every Sunday @10am!

For more info on Youth Ministry Contact:


John Collie: (626) 416-1566

Norma Collie: (626) 222-5324

Men's Ministry

Timothy Study every 2nd & 4th Tuesday @7pm!

For more info on Men's Ministry Contact:


Senior Pastor Charlie: (360) 310-2057

Pastor Robert: (562) 708-4776

Tim Whitaker: (562) 533-0251

Women's Ministry

Names of God Study Every 2nd & 4th Monday @7pm!

For more info on Womens Ministry Contact:


Eileen Barbosa:

Rebekah Cipres: (562) 553-2164

The Art of Marriage 

Meeting every 2nd Friday @7pm!

For more info on Marrieds Ministry Contact:

Senior Pastor: Charlie Barbosa (360) 310-2057


Young Adults Ministry

Meeting every 1st Friday at 7pm!


For more info on Young Adults Ministry Contact:

Justin Barbosa: (360) 609-4562

Amanda Barbosa: (360) 310-2621

Want to Connect with a Ministry Leader? Contact Us 

Thanks! Message sent.

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